Sunday, November 8, 2009

Light in the Far Distance

Copyright 2009

The Problem

the road stretches beyond my sight
out where lovely day replaces gloomy night
replaces day
replaces night
and yet that glimmer still lights up
the trusting soul
and hope won’t die

the road still rocky
still hard
both that within and that without
two roads to travel
the dual test that puts the soul
on trial
a daily court of accusation
with no defense
save one alone

and looking one to the other
the finger pointing barristers
their bony digits directed at me
and i retreat within and seek
the solace only one provides

the one maligned and scorned
in this post modern nightmare

The Second Problem

and from the columned halls
the white coated gurus utter their
foolish proclamations of the death of god
and the randomness of existence
and how it all came to be
by chance or accident or just because
is their doltish refrain
a homily of oafs
with egos outsized to ridiculous proportion

as if anything really happens by chance

randomness they proclaim
parroting while always massaging their collective
liege called science
the coterie ensconced in their quiet echo chambers
issue edict upon edict to the
benighted masses who work and who worship
facts! they cry
empirical evidence! they trumpet
their vision limited to the extent of their beaks
as they tinker with the building blocks
of the universe
like children at play
pitifully unaware
dangerously unaware
of the watchful parent
from afar

and yet always, yet always
the question still lingers
still imposes its weighty presence
in the consciousness of men
in the light of the sun, the drift of the rain
in the glow of moonlight, the purr of a cat
in the laughter of a child, the music of the spheres
in the fantastic spin of the atom, and subatomic particles
(of what do they consist, pray tell?)

in hope, in faith, in love
the question uttered by the ancients
still uttered and will be by the truly sentient
and that question is


The Resolution

a question for which science
has no answer
and will never
for it falls beyond the corporeal thrall
bound by finite minds
seeking infinite knowledge
as they tinker and expound with grave proclamation
as if claiming to their own
the essence of the material
their knowledge impressive!
their understanding rather paltry

the ultimate knowledge is
only to be obtained
in the realm of the spirit

though we seem to be peering through darkness
at the light beyond
steady and majestic there in the distance

it beckons to him who
would have eyes to see
and ears to hear

perhaps someday
at a microscope somewhere
the light will be found
that finally and irrevocably
on that day of endings
and of beginnings
at long last illuminates
the circumscribed mind of science

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

"On Wings of Gentle Power" is almost ready!

My publisher, Strider Nolan Media, informs me that my new poetry book, "On Wings of Gentle Power," will be ready within a couple of weeks. It is a compilation of poems written over several years, along with stunning black and white photographs by Al Past, author of the acclaimed "Distant Cousin" series of novels.

The release date will be announced here, hopefully within two weeks.