Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The Season of The Crow is in progress

The sequel to Scarecrow in Gray is about 80% complete. I hope to have it finished and ready for publication by late Summer.

Please stay tuned. If you liked Scarecrow in Gray, I believe you will enjoy the new book even more. It is much more textured, with more intertwining story lines, and overall I believe it to be a better work. However, that will ultimately be for the reader to decide.

I have been very pleasantly surprised at the praise Scarecrow in Gray received, and still receives. It is of course still in print and still selling at a modest level.

I sincerely appreciate everyone who has read Scarecrow, and On Wings of Gentle Power, my little poetry book with photos by Al Past.  It is humbling and gratifying to know that one has produced something that gives pleasure to others, and hopefully some meaning and understanding to what we call the Civil War.

I will provide updates as publication nears for The Season of the Crow.

God bless.