Wednesday, December 30, 2009

On Wings of Gentle Power is Here!

My book of poetry, On Wings of Gentle Power, is now out and available on It is a collection of poems, with terrific black and white photography by Dr. Al Past, of the Distant Cousin novels fame.

Special thanks to Al, and to my publisher/editor, Mike Katz of Strider Nolan Media. He and his wife did an incredible job with the artwork and layouts.

I hope you will check it out.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Short Story Contest for Kids!

My IAG friend, Bobby Ozuna, is promoting a new contest. Here is his recent post to the IAG Group...

Hey gang, I could use some help promoting a new short-story contest for kids by the foundation READ3Zero. I co-founded this organization with author Melissa M. Williams of LongTale Publishing and we are presently taking short-story submissions by children in and between grades third through eighth. We are going to publish the best short-stories in an anthology entitled: "I Write: Short Stories By Kids, For Kids" in 2010. We could use your help in promoting this contest which will help spotlight the creative efforts of children. I am going to feature the winners of the contest on my show, The Indie Author Show next year. I created a short infomercial for READ3Zero and the I Write contest which you can view here:

This is a great way to show your support for literacy and encouraging and possibly nurturing the next great American author....supporting the independent arts...~Bobby Ozuna

Sunday, December 13, 2009

If I Could Sing

Copyright 2009 by Barry Yelton

If I could sing a thousand years
in space of just a minute
I wouldn’t hesitate the least
but certain sure begin it.

To sing the hurt of all the young
with solemn stanzas borning
the tragedy of small hearts torn
the battered painful morning.

The tiny frame with stricken eyes
that plead for understanding
The fist and steel strike hard in place
of simple reprimanding.

How can the human heart possess
such evil and such coldness
to harm a child such brutal sway
such elemental boldness!

Beyond the ken of decent thought
this perfidy residing
rolls down the hall of all the years
with human soul abiding.

The pain of separation sore
Divorce and death and sadness
wreak havoc on the little ones
and trample all their gladness.

If I could sing a thousand years
from this very minute on
I would surely sing for children
happiness from dawn to dawn.

Sing sunny days with garland clouds
laughing hours and fishing streams
of Mother’s love and Daddy’s lap
cheerful morn’ and rainbow dreams.

Sing the love of their Creator
sing to heart of young and old
Sing the song that’s never ending
greatest Love that ‘er was told.