Monday, November 11, 2013

Which is Most Dangerous, Big Corporations or Big Government?

Liberals like to assail “big corporations” as evil, mindless, greedy, etc.  While big government is sort of like a teddy bear, warm and cuddly, and like a rich uncle who spoils you with good things.  These notions are underpinnings of left wing thought, and not only are they erroneous, but they are dangerous as well.  So let’s do a little factual comparison of “big government” versus “big corporations.” 

First is ownership and control, because he who owns ultimately controls.  For big corporations ownership is almost invariably spread among literally millions of small shareholders, who either own their publicly traded stock directly, or who own them through a mutual fund in their 401K or IRA, or own them through investments by their pension fund;  so big corporations are owned by the people.

Theoretically big government is owned by the people as well, since we pay the taxes that support it.  Our control is dependent on the government acknowledging that the people are in control, not the President or Congress.  However, once the government official is elected, he cannot easily be replaced for at least two years in the case of the House, four years in the case of the President, and six years in the case of the Senate.  So control is sporadic, unlike a corporation, we cannot simply sell the stock and move on to invest in another corporation.  We are stuck with government we have, and the larger it becomes, the more control it exerts over our lives until freedoms disappear one by one and tyranny takes their place.

Which brings us to the issue of control over our lives. I will be the first to agree that many corporate CEO’s are grossly overpaid, especially those whose company’s stock is tanking and/or is experiencing losses under his or her leadership.  No doubt about it!  However, if I don’t like the way a company is being run, and I am an owner, I can sell my stock (perhaps at a loss) and move on to another one – a choice I am always free to make.

The government, however, is another story.  The take over of healthcare insurance is just one example of how government can poke its ugly nose into your business, like it or not.  Millions of people, most of whom probably voted for the current occupant of the White House, are shocked and stunned to learn that the insurance they once had, and were quite happy with, has been taken away.  In its place they are now forced to purchase more expensive insurance that meets what Uncle Sam deems to be minimum standards.  Huh?  We cannot buy a product unless the government deems it to be adequate by its own exalted decision?  If this is not tyranny of a sort, I don't know what is.

Not only are they (incompetently) forcing this down our throats, they are using OUR taxpayer money to promote it.  Worse, they have spent over one half of a billion dollars to create a web site, which doesn't work.  They had over three years to get it right and still it is a colossal dud!  Government efficiency at its best.  And of course if you are young and healthy and choose not to buy insurance, the government is going to penalize you.  The spineless Supreme Court, led by turncoat Chief Justice Roberts, approved this unconstitutional move by calling it a tax.  I suppose next speeding tickets will be a tax, or expired tag penalties, etc.

Banks and other big corporations have no leverage over us as individuals, unless we freely give it to them.  The same cannot be said of big government.  Big government has what is known as “police powers.”  In other words they can force you to pay taxes, obey the speed limit, and any other number of things, most of which are for the collective good.  However, big government tends to poke its nose increasingly into the affairs of people as it grows larger.  Most of the time this is well intentioned if sometimes misguided.  However, the risk becomes that the larger the government is, the more dangerous it potentially becomes to its citizens.

The warm and fuzzy government of today can become the tyrannous fascism of tomorrow.  Just ask the Germans, Russians, the Japanese, the Italians, the Chinese and countless other unfortunates who have fallen under tyranny’s sway, where free speech is forbidden and bucking “the state” can be a capital offense.  No corporation, repeat, no corporation can take away your freedom.  Big government can.

So which is the most dangerous, the big corporation or big government.  The answer is obvious to rational people, which by definition excludes the radical left which now controls the Democratic party and the Presidency.  Time to wake up and make a change.