Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Simple Question

By Barry Yelton
Copyright 2014

why do you believe he asked?
why do you not said I
because there is no reason to
said he and science has not seen
your god
in telescope or microscope or
petri dish
and besides well known it is
that once the big bang
caused all of this
you see

big bang i asked ?
big bang he said
you mean the one that sprang
from microscopic singularity?
yes he said
the one that exploded ancient and
and accelerated all the dust
and rocks
and building blocks
of the universe
at speed much greater
than that of light?
yes he said

how i asked?
why, science knows
they do he said
they do asked i?
they do

why i asked?
why did it happen?
why was there a singularity?
why is there anything at all?
because, he said, there just is
that’s not an answer
nor a reason, said i
but it is all we know
it just is, said he
you mean we don’t know?
of course we know
it just is
that’s not an explanation
logic cries out for an answer
and all you have is
“it just is?”
yes, it just is
you wear me out with the question
and why is that?
because there is no answer
there is
only the eternal could be
just because
matter could not
it had to be created
it had to come from somewhere
it came from God

i still don’t believe

you don’t have to