Thursday, January 17, 2008

Time and Again

Here it is, second half of the first month of the New Year. 2008 somehow has a ring of unreality to it. I had just settled into 2007 when all of a sudden, it's over!

Everything changes and yet nothing does. The world and its woes are like a broken record, forever repeating the same mistakes, crimes, and other perfidies. Warms the heart; it does.

I laugh when I hear people talk about how this is the 21st century and the old mores are as passe as hoop skirts and gingham. As if somehow we have transmogrified into another species in the past few years and none of the verities of the past applies anymore. This is the thinking of the shallow minded and the callow.

If you think the law of gravity has been suspended; just take a step off a tall building and see. The same with basic mores. A brave new world is neither new nor brave, just morally convenient for those who can't see beyond their noses.

And there you have it, more musings from temporally challenged. You can pay attention or not. Free will hasn't been suspended either.

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Scarecrowjr said...

I always enjoy reading your writings. It makes me more proud of you than I already am! I particularly like this one.