Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Feeling Like Adolph Menjou Redux

Barry Yelton

I like the snags.

Did I tell you that?

I saw a light at the summit of the mountain
when clouds tagged the ridges
and sunlight played silly games
on the slopes

The light was bright, moving slightly
A star? Maybe but it seemed too close
A hiker? With a 10 Million candlepower lantern if so

No the light did not come from this side
of the divide...
Far over, it came, far over where
fairies fly in formations like bombers

And dreams are more commonplace than here
And people speak well of one another
and hope is not a four letter word
that rhymes with dope.

I walk toward the light, my legs burning
my heart burning
the incline is steep, the rocks impede my path
but still, I must touch it

The light on the mountain
that comes for over there

Then again, maybe I won’t, yes I will
The light can’t avoid me

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