Sunday, May 11, 2008

Valley of Waters

Copyright 2008
Barry Yelton

In the cool of the evening, by the surging stream
the night wind sings to the canvas of stars
and time slows to an ebony crawl
in the valley where life abounds like raindrops.

I listen to the sounds that come dancing around me like fairies
the flittering bat, the talking water, the mysterious rustle of leaves .
They all tell some tail I don’t quite understand
but know it has been told for an age and more.

And I shiver in delight as the cooling wind ruffles my hair
and caresses me like passion.
The light from the stars dresses the night in elegance
and the animal sounds in the forest seem far away.

I gaze at the canopy of light and darkness and wonder
could this all be by chance?
Or in the wisdom of the great I AM it began with a roar
a burst of cosmic stardust and riotous sound and searing light .

Then settled into this dreamy night on this whispering shore
while a small mortal bound for the earth
marvels at it all and dreams of meeting
the One who brought it all to pass.

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Janet Grace Riehl said...

Barry, I'm posting "In a Peculiar Space" on Riehlife today.

I also feel you'd really enjoy Hal Manogue's blog "Living an Ordinary Life in a Nonordinary Way."

I'll be visiting Hal next week in Nashville when I go down there to record my audiobook of "Sightlines: A Poet's Diary."

Love your poems and look forward to your chapbook.

Janet Riehl