Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Adios, Minnine Mouse

It was a sweet kiss
atop my head
the cartoon lips and
the big sounding
as the shutter clicked
and Minnie draped her
warm arm around me
and bizarre does not begin
to describe the feeling
when you are vamped
by a cartoon mouse
dressed up
in crinoline
and absurdly large
mouse head
the big bow in front
like an oddly
shaped hat
and the short girl
in the costume
generating heat
from her exertions
impersonating the girl friend
of the iconic mouse.

Then off she goes to the next table
and I marvel at her energy
and her persistent good cheer
in the face of hundreds of
squirming, scrambling, pinching
and one grandpa
kneeling for a picture
who was strangely moved
by the silly kiss
and the friendly goodbye.

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