Monday, September 12, 2011


Poor blog.  Lost and lonely, sitting there neglected for months on end.  Here I am again, better late than never they say.

A lot has happened in recent months.  I lost a brother-in-law, Dennis, to something called pulmonary fibrosis.  It is a wicked disease that comes from inhaling asbestos and other troublesome things from the air in power plants and similar places. 

My daughter Christi was diagnosed with breast cancer and has had a radical mastectomy.  She is chipper and hopeful, and about to start a round of chemotherapy.  It is tough duty for a dad to watch his daughter go through this, tough indeed.

Life is like that, you know.  You go along happy as a clam, then wham the roof caves in.  That's when you have to call on your faith, if you have it.  Thank goodness, I do. 

Work continues at a snail's pace on the sequel to Scarecrow in Gray.  The Season of the Crow is very slowly taking shape and is, in my opinion, a much better work.  I suppose when publication day comes, hopefully next year, we shall see if the readers and reviewers agree.

I shall try to do better, old blog, and old friends.  Until next time, hold your loved ones close.  You just never know.



Jean Thompson said...

Sure did enjoy this book and the insights into the lives of our people in western NC as far as the very 'uncivil' war of Northern aggression. There was so much suffering unnecessarily put upon our people in those years. Thanks for giving us a better understanding and insight into their lives Barry.

P A Bennett said...

Hello Barry,

Long time no write - apologies.

Hope your daughter is coping with the treatment she is receiving. So sorry to hear about your brother-in-law as well. Life, like roses, is usually found with thorns.

Best wishes,