Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Season of The Crow is coming soon!

I am very pleased and excited to announce that my publisher has finished the edits of my new book and it should be released by the end of March!  Here is a brief synopsis:

           In the dark days following the Civil War, a family of freed slaves makes an epic journey to find refuge in the North Carolina mountains. They form an unlikely alliance with a former Confederate soldier and his family to battle a vicious band of night riding terrorists.

            A seesaw war rages between the former Confederate and his allies and the nigh triders culminating in a deadly battle on a rocky mountainside. The turmoil of a nation’s bitterest conflict spills over into the postwar years as blacks and whites alike struggle to survive a seething cauldron of hatred and violence.

The book serves as a sequel to Scarecrow in Gray, but stands on its own as an exciting tale, with some twists and turns as well as gritty action and heart rending episodes. It follows the post war fictional life of  Francis and Harriet Yelton and their friends. Set in western North Carolina, the book is steeped in the grim reality of reconstruction. It is clearly the best work this writer has done and I am excited to bring it to the reading public.



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