Tuesday, September 4, 2007


Perfect title for a blog like this that is often random. A friend recently nicknamed me Beau Rambles. I guess it fits.

Whatever the case, I do wonder about a lot of things, more now that I am north of sixty summers than ever before.

Hae you ever stopped to think about what happens when you reach the edge of the universe? Some theorize that it curves back on itself. I keep thinking, what's outside the curve? Does the physical universe stretch on for infinity or does it just taper out? If it does, what lies beyond.

No doubt questions for far greater minds, but no one has to my knowledge come up with even a decent theory about this. It may be a question that our minds are simply not capable of comprehending. Even the most brilliant of us has a finite mind, with finite capabilities. How can the finite comprehend the infinite?

These things sometimes give me a severe headache (figuratively speaking). But once you hold that thought in mind, about that place that is beyond what we call the universe, how can you again be content with contemplating your navel so to speak? If beyond the edge of the universe is more universe then does it stretch on to infinity? How can physical matter or the place it resides be infinite?

I hope this keeps you up at night once in a while. It makes the problems of our little world seem awfully small.

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