Friday, September 21, 2007

A UK Review of Scarecrow in Gray!

The brilliant historical fiction writer from Cornwall, UK, F.J. Warren, (author of Archelaus Hosken's Dilemma, Broken Bonds and two other novels) recently posted a review of Scarecrow in Gray on Here it is:

The Heart of War (Rating 5 av 5) » F J Warren (not my real name) Barry Yelton has produced a wonderful story depicting the history of his ancestor, Francis Yelton, who fought for the Confederates during the American Civil War.I have read this book and I loved it! I didn't expect to but I did. What would I, one who knows little of the American Civil War, find to enjoy in such a work? Well, Mr Yelton is a beautiful writer and he manages to bring home the horror and futility of the struggle that his hero/ancestor finds himself in. It is such an engrossing tale that you find yourself immersed in the personal struggle that Francis Yelton has to go through. You want him to succeed even when you know that defeat is staring him in the face. The characters in the book come to life on every page. In the past I've read so many books with two-dimensional characterization in them that I almost despair of ever finding a 'human being' leading me through a novel. I had my reward with this book - what a splendid work.


F J Warren said...

Hope the review proves useful to you Barry.

I particularly admire the use of the word brilliant in relation to F J Warren! :-)


Marva said...

Nice review from FJ. I'm reading the book now and should have a review in a week or so.

Marva said...

My review of Scarecrow is now posted on my blog. Click click!