Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Night and the Solar Wind

Copyright 2009

Across the night sky,
along ancient, spectral avenues
blow magnetic winds
charged with electric particles
and along those roads travel
all mankind’s fondest aspirations
with the flow of matter
stark, eternal
yet as ethereal as
a sigh.

May you blow hope in the heart of the hopeless
may you blow peace in a warring land
may you blow calm in a troubled mind
may you blow redemption for the piteous lost one

May you blow the love of God to the hearts of
the callous
the distant
the arrogant
the powerful
who stand as a law to themselves
crowned with their carefully crafted ignorance
cloaked in cold self interest,
estranged from their brothers
dreadfully lost in their own exaggerated egos.

May it be, strange wind,
as you course darkly through space
and wrap the earth in freshening power,
that the blackest night
of the human soul
is illuminated somehow
by you,
slightest breath of the great I Am.

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