Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Brighter Day

Copyright 2009

if you waken in the morning
you can be glad.
some percentage of the human population
did not.

the earth turns
seasons come and go
a great cosmic clock.
life persists
with an astounding doggedness
and along the way
come unexpected joys
salted within the sorrow.
so breathe the intoxicating
air of hope
and live as if tomorrow is not a given
and life clings precariously
to each passing moment.

we are but the passing fancy
of universal fate
that does not diminish
what we
as species homo erectus
bring to our small corner
of the infinite.

finiteness of itself brings
a certain peace
on our small world
where children laugh
amid the falling leaves
and lovers abandon all other
except their own.

breathe deep of it all.
grab hold of the cheer that lies
within reach.

forget regret.

joy pleads to be held
close to your bosom
the light of hope begs to illuminate
the pathways of your mind.

let it.

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