Monday, March 22, 2010

Listen to Me

Copyright 2010

I have no part in the enterprise of the day
long since has my voice
been stilled
by time

Yet voice should I give
where voice is not given
and hard lessons there are
to be learned
by those who walk in
sunlight's brief illusion

Man's bold suppositions
ring hollow in truth

eternal verisimilitude

gives lie to the
temporal, shallow dance of fools
we dance

from the place
that I rest
I can only reach out
with the arms
of the living
long since have my own
given way to corruption

Reach out though I must
through the words of a friend
and tell you, poor human
walk lively today
reach upward, sing hearty
for your day will turn dark
and the ending arrive
when never you expect

and never you wish

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