Thursday, March 11, 2010

Memory of a Loved One

My friend Jack Dixon, whom I met through the IAG group, has an entry on his website about his beloved wife, who passed away after a struggle with cancer. He wrote a poem dedicated to her memory and a tribute to her, and has posted a couple of photos of her there.

She was obviously a very lovely lady in many ways, and one can only imagine the grief that he has experienced since her passing. Jack is a talented writer, having written a vivid and exciting novel, The Pict, about an ancient people that inhabited the British Isles.

I highly recommend a visit to Jack's website and I highly recommend his novel. He is a talented man, and though we have never met, I count him a good friend. He has been very supportive of my work, and nothing is more important to a writer than the validation of other writers.

You can read Jack's tribute to his wife here:

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